Viceversa is a periodical edited by the Integration Service for Disabled person of the Ferrara Municipality, in collaboration with a group of parents and the Impronte Sociali Consortium.

Viceversa is the name of a magazine conceived starting from a writing workshop held by Adriana Lorenzi and attended by some parents and Educational Integration Service operators of the Ferrara Municipality. This editorial project aims to create an accessible magazine with a fresh communication tone of voice.

The communication difficulties can make the everyday life less rich. This motivates Viceversa to offer new and alternative forms of expression. This will be achieved through two particular sections of the magazine:

  • stories, where parents that attend the writing workshop, will narrate about the everyday aspects of being father or mother of a child with disability;
  • information, which is a space for the service operators, where they will share proposals and helpful advice for families.

Viceversa n° 1
The Viceversa first issue is the result of a writing workshop about the fear and anxiety concepts, but also the happiness and the satisfaction, of being mothers and fathers of children with disabilities.

Viceversa n° 2
The Viceversa second issue is focused on stories of school: an essential reality that every parent deals with during their children growth. In this issue, parents and educators remember together their personal educational path and tell the stories of their children.