Our mission
Designing innovative solutions, developing visual tools and keep doing research in order to design helpful, user-friendly, accessible, educational and interdisciplinary projects.
We believe that the design and the visual communication can help people accessing knowledge freely. We want our users to observe, understand and learn.
We like learning from our work and teaching through the visual tools we develop. We popularize difficult but fascinating information, related to science, medicine, history and society.
We are a group of designers with different skills and knowledge. We love sharing and contaminating ideas, knowledge and information. For this reason we work together with experts which belong to different fields, so that to share different point of views.
Research and development
We constantly research into visual communication, new technologies and design methods, cooperating with doctors, scholars and experts from any field, in order to draw inspiration from them and find new solutions.
Our services
We develop visual identities, web and app interfaces, editorial design projects. We design exhibitions itineraries for museums and cultural spaces, maps, wayfinding and systems of symbols and pictograms. We are interested in interaction design, data visualization and type design. Furthermore we handle about education and consultation for companies in the field of visual communication.