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Topography of Dante’s inferno
/ 2016 – Ongoing / In collaboration with Molotro
The project “Topography of Dante’s inferno” is an experiment on alternative mode of access to a complex text relying on an evident topographical structure, which is considered to be a precondition for understanding the text.

The website and the poster are designed with the aim of introducing young students (11–14 years old) to a text usually read and studied by older students (16–19 years old).
These artifacts are intended to be used as a supporting teaching tool in classroom environments.

Moreover, the project intends to contribute to the popularization of the Dante’s literature, to provoke a reflection upon the usage of the visual communication in a didactic context and to promote the reading of the Divine Comedy even outside Italy.

The design of the website is based on the theories of Sinsemía applied to interaction design and didactics, all of which lead to the development of an artifact that includes and combines different didactic mediators.

The research on the project has been carried out in close cooperation with the team lead by Berta Martini, full professor at the Dipartimento di Studi Umanistici, Università degli studi di Urbino.
Usability testing and didactic analysis were conducted on secondary school students and teachers in training and in service. The website has been updated by following the results of the testings.

The project won the Grand Prix and the Gold prize for Didactics at IIID Awards 2017, by the International Institute of Information Design.