Sonika is the practice room and recording studio “par excellence” of Ferrara. This institution, born in 2003 as an aggregation center of musicians of Assessorato alle Politiche Giovanili (Department for Young Policies) of Ferrara Municipality, became in 2013 a project of L’Ultimo Baluardo Cultural Association made by the “young boys of 2003” that continued the practice room activities. Sonika became a cultural and musical pole for Ferrara and its musicians.

On the occasion of an important renewal produced in early 2017, Alpaca designed a responsive website in order to convey the location and the instrumentation of Sonika to old and new users, giving also general information. Moreover we designed a series of communication objects such as a poster, flyers and the wayfinding. The website pictures have been realized in collaboration with Filippo Cavallini and Sara Tosi.