Listone Mag, an online magazine based in Ferrara, interviewed Alpaca on the occasion of the cooperative foundation. For the interview they asked us to create some illustrations and infographics which convey some data about who we are, where we come from, how we communicate with each other and which are our skills.

Alpaca’s herd
We are a multidisciplinary team. We combine different skills in editorial design, illustration and development of innovative and multimedia solutions, so we can do our best in every project.
Here there is what we love and which are our skills. The average age of our team is 24,5 years old and we collected, on the whole, 14 years of study.
Illustrazione descrittiva dei membri di Alpaca: Giampiero, Adelaide, Daniele e Giulia

What we do
We design innovative solutions, develop visual tools and keep doing research in order to design helpful, user-friendly, accessible, educational and interdisciplinary projects.
Raccolta, attraverso icone illustrate, dei servizi offerti da Alpaca e delle proprie attività.

Where is Alpaca
We come from different cities and we met each other in Urbino during our studies. Now two of our alpacas live in Ferrara, where the co-operative is based, and other two of them are in San Matteo delle Chiaviche and Treviso. You can have a look at our path throughout the peninsula.
Mappa dell'Italia che evidenzia i luoghi da cui i soci provengono e dove si trovano attualmente. Le città elencate sono: Salerno, Bracciano, Urbino, Ferrara, San Matteo delle Chiaviche e Treviso

How we stay in touch
We collected data about how we got in touch from 10th February to 10th March 2016. We had 8 hours and 30 minutes of call, we exchange 944 mail and messages and set 19 passwords.
Illustrazione di computer che comunicano tra loro. Rappresentazione degli strumenti che i soci di Alpaca utilizzano per comunicare

You can have a look and read our interview here (only in Italian).