Polvere Urbana (Urban Dust) is a book edited by the Ferrara’s Architects Association designed for telling the story of a building regeneration.

This book tells the story of a “sleeping” Public Building, covered in dust and forgot by the careless city until the Ferrara’s Architects Association, in accordance with the City Council, decided to make a strategic investment for the future, trough the launch of a competition announcement for the conversion of the old (1936) Fruit and Vegetable Building Market in
Headquarter of Ferrara’s Architects Association and Urban Center.

The attempt of this book, designed by Alpaca, is to explain a complex project of urban regeneration with an easy language, inspired by the graphic sign of childhood novels, in order to be understandable by the citizens and, in particular, by the young generations, who are going to be responsible of the future usage of city places.